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OK, so I have 2 kids, my Daughter is 1 year, my son is 3 months… last year, with my daughter, we stayed at her godpairents for Christmas… this year, we invited my mother-in-law, which I actually love, and her… “adorable” husband…  So, this is the first year I have actually had company, and hosted Christmas.  I got to do the whole daddy trash runs of doom, take care of the imps, and do the daddy thing.  I think that is pretty awesome, so all of you parents who moan and complain every year, GET OVER IT.  Celebrate the season, enjoy you have children, and have fun.  Thanks.



Holiday rant

Hello all, and welcome to my random postings and ranting.  If you have read anything that I have posted or anything like that in the past, they are usually riddeled with vulgarity and stuff.  I am going to try to keep this curse free as much as humanly possible.  I make no promises though, but let’s get started.

For those who are new to my asylum, I am CJ, also known as Dragos-kai, heard recently on the Major Spoilers podcast ( as Dragoskai the snarky review guy.  Also, blog commonly on twitter ( for gaming events, and general geekiness.  You can also find my touch on the internet here and there, either in freelance writings or my code-monkey self hitting up sites and helping out.  But I do have something I need to get off of my chest, let’s get started…

Yes, I celebrate Christmas, but I wanted to post thsi as a holiday post because that is what is typically marketed as.  Now, I have no problem with commercialism or anything like that, just FRAKKING COMMERCIALS!!  This year there are several holiday commercials that I cannot stand.  They are most commonly car commercials.

Honda commercials for this year.  This song makes me want to drown a puppy in the Hudson River!  It’s also overplayed in my area so I need to SCREAM!  NEXT!

Hyundai this time… the woman looks and sounds like she is BORED OUT OF HER FRAKKING MIND!  They are annoying, and they share something with the Honda commercial, BAD STOP MOTION… it works for clay, HORRIBLE for live people.  The only upside is that the guy in the video looks like Morgan from Chuck… NEXT!

A request from Mrs. Kai, she hates this commercial, plus again is OVERPLAYED!

A shout out to this commercial for being the same damn commercial for almost 15 years… UGH!!!

Also, in general, commercials that change classic songs to put their own crap into it.  They are not funny, nor witty, nor desired… just STOP IT!

OK I think that is all I need to do for now, patiently waiting Christmas, and a Doc Who Christmas Carol, which looks… AWESOME!

-Dragos, Snarky Guy +5