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So, lately I’ve been reading the Southern Vampire books by Charlainne Haarris, you know, the Sookie Stackhouse books, the base of True Blood on HBO, and while I am enjoying myself with them, I am needing to go on a little rant on “artistic license”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both the books and the series, and this rant is not uniquely based on this example, but this is the most prevalent because I am currently reading  and watching them.

While I understand some change between the books and flim, there comes a point when, and this is getting more and more common, where it starts to become gratuitous, with violence, sex, drama, and even “humor”.  Now I understand that they are supposed to be scripted, but when they are thrust down your throat, from just having sex scenes to just have them, to in the books having the “I laughed out loud at that comment” trying to force  the author/director’s sense of humor down your throat.  I am not a fan of this in any shape or form, which is the reason why I don’t watch political TV or any of that other kind of thing.  I like to form my own opinion about what is funny and that kind of thing.   I am just a bit angry at changing things JUST to put  boobs on the TV to have guys come in, or topless guys to draw in the females, when they are not in the books.


*sigh* I guess I just needed to get that out, oh well.



Hello again all!

Just got back from seeing the final installment of the final book of the Harry Potter series.  Can you believe that they have been filming this for TEN YEARS!? Holy crap!  Anywho, obviously no spoilers here, but let’s get started.

It’s going to be a quick one…

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  It’s really good!  I could not really point out a flaw in the movie, other than i can’t get over Neville looking EXACTLY like my best friend, other than Nev is much taller.  The ONLY complaint I have is that the end part seems very truncated from the book, which is a shame, because that adds that finality, that closure, that is needed.  Though I think that the movie gives a lot of finality, there just seems to be something missing.  Also, given the fact that I bawled my eyes out at the book, only a single tear dropped from my eyes in the movie, just doesn’t seem like they wanted to add too much emotion into it, and wanted to focus on the main plot.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Also, at the end, someone looks A LOT like Bob Saget (google it people don’t ask)



Hey all! Thought I would give a look into the new Voltron cartoon, Voltron Force, airing Thursday nights on Nicktoons network.  By far this is not a review of the entire series because

1, it’s only been out for like 3 or 4 episodes, and…

B. Because it’s my first time watching it, and unless it sucks, that’s NOT enough for anyone, even as snarky as I am, to pass that great of judgement.

Now that that is out-of-the-way, let’s get started!

It’s actually pretty solid! Now, this shocked the CRAP out of me,  because I grew up with the original, it actually helped me get into electronics, and helped forge my career, as strange as that sounds.  The first couple of minutes, prior to the opening credits, it is the standard “new age” teen crap, which is kinda like OUR teen crap, but after we got all old and crotchety.  After the OP, it actually became pretty good, with good voice acting, not too much on the “new age” stuff, and definitely enough to keep old school fans in check, including the whole old model of forming big V! You know “Form legs! Form arms and body! AND I FORM THE HEAD!” Also “Form blazing sword!” It kind of made me squee, not gonna lie.  It even builds on the mythos in a good way, adding more depth to just “Hey there is a giant guy, form big dude and slice him up!” every episode.  Though, I do think the main characters have some kind of super powers, not sure what though, that didn’t go into it.


All in all, I will watch again, and you all should too! Trust me, it’s GOOD!

Oh, and now I’m gonna go make frappuccinos in my house, because I’m awesome like that!


Stay cool my friends!

Dragos, SRG,


Well just beat this game a couple of days ago, and wanted to give my first game review on it!

I should have started with a game that was good, but /sigh, I guess they can’t all be Portal 2, and also, it’s sometimes more fun to snark on something than to praise it to the high heavens!

In the first 4th Edition game, Daggerdale allows you to pick one of four archetypes, a Human Warrior, a Elf Rogue (ranged… ugh), a Hafling Wizard, and a Dwarf Cleric (healing ranged only, ugh) and that is IT… there is no customization other than the talents, no names, no voices, no other classes, NOTHING! That is VERY BAD… VERY VERY BAD! Especially in a D&D game where customization is the big draw to your stuff! BLEH!

The gameplay is … flawed… yeah, let’s go with flawed, the AI is bad, at best, there were times where I literally had mobs line up for me to chop down, and didn’t even raise a hand to me.  Clipping is also bad in the game, I walked through several walls as my warrior… yeah, not good.  The main characters have NO VOICES, and the voices for everything else is lackluster at best. GAH I wish I could find something redeeming about this game, but it is VERY VERY VERY hard to…

Dear WotC, you have had enough people complain about 4e stuff, then you release a game like this, I hope if Neverwinter is based on 4e, that it is MUCH better than this, or you might as well go ahead and buy up pathfinder, because you are gonna lose a LOT of people to it. I’m not one of them, but I do know some.

Stay cool my friends!

Well HOOOOOOWDAY all.  It’s been a while and I wanted to do this movie, since it seemed like an appropriate movie to do.  Let’s wrangle this puppy, y’all.

Let’s start with, even as a comic book nerd, I actually enjoyed this one!  It was a refreshing reboot to the series, and let’s face it, it needed it.  I would be glad thinking the first 3 movies never actually “canonically” existed in the universe.   There were only a few things that I have an issue with and they were more so just /facepalm things, and not necessarily bad things in general.

First, WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE BEAST LOOK GOOD!? In X2, he was bad, and this one he looked like a reject from Cats!  I mean, come on Fox!  All in all, I will hold my breath for a Hulk movie I like before I think Beast can look good.  Next, Magneto’s helmet was WAY too big, or Michael Fassbender ‘s head is WAY too small, either or, and let’s face it, when the prop is designed for one guy’s head, it looks WAY worse on another guys.  See: Kevin Bacon in it, sorry, but he was not that great in this movie in general, and ESPECIALLY not in that helmet.  Other than that, and Mystique looked a little offputting (and I’m not talking about in her blonde form… purr…) but I think that’s just because she was supposed to be younger and “rougher around the edges” kind of thing.

All in all, I actually agree with the reviews, not only is it a great comic book movie, but it’s a great movie overall!  I recompensed it to everyone, and yes, it DOES have a couple cameos that will either make you chuckle or facepalm.

Coming up soon will probably be Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Harry Potter, and whatever else!  If you have anything you would like me to spin on, let me know at, or follow me on the twitters at

Stay cool my friends.

Wow that was a lot of colons!

Being born 2 years after the first Tron came out, I have fond memories of sitting with my grandmother watching it from the comfort of my own home, but not really fully getting into it.  Though, I must admit, myself, and most of the people of that age of my caste, contribute most of our decisions in life to become more like Flynn, to create the Grid, to meet with Tron.  It’s what created most of the software programmers, engineers, and nerds in general that have existed over the last decade.  I must admit though, and I am going to lose some MAJOR geek cred here, I went back and watched it recently, after I heard they were going back to that amazing world, and I have to say, it doesn’t hold much stock for me anymore… it was rather, almost boring (level DOWN!) as were most of the things from that age for me, G1 Transformers (level DOWN), old school GI Joe, and all those.  I feel all giddy from them, then I realize they were really not that great, not that their reboots are any better, and most of the time even worse, but still, rose-colored nostalgia glasses all around! Let’s move on to the movie at hand, shall we?

I sat and watched Tron 2 with my little daughter, she loved the graphics, the loud noises, and the shiny colors.  I did too, I must say, though, Olivia Wilde (13 from House fame) in spandex jumping around is rather… a nice thing.  I really did not mind the movie at all, it kept my attention.  The acting was pretty good, though I could deal without old stoner/hippie Flynn, but that’s only a little issue.  I love how it was updated, it was just not the old stuff with a fresh coat of paint (Star Wars prequels) or a completely different thing (Bumblebee being a frikkin Camero), but a pleasant fusion of the two.  I LOVE Jeff Bridges as an older actor, almost, if not more than when he was younger.  He aged like wine.  Though he is rough around the edges, he has that amazing old school acting talent that very much so still holds up today.  The score was good, never really too much or too little when it shouldn’t be.  I really did not need the uber effeminate Lucian, erm… Zuse, but other than that, not bad.  So, other than those couple of quirks, it’s a pretty solid movie.  If you’re a nerd (which face it, why would you be reading my stuff if you weren’t), buy it! If you want a SFX fest, rent it first, then buy it.  If you’re just wanting a solid movie all-around, and you’re not a huge geek, I’d say rent it and see how that goes, it’s kind of a niche movie. I happen to fit into that niche nicely though.

I know, I know. I said I would try to do a post a week at least, but the last couple of weeks have been REALLY stressful with college, a little drama, a little comedy, and a lot of stuffy noses.

No one cares about that though, here’s a review of Gnomeo and Juliet.

This is an animated movie that came out in February 2011, by Touchstone, with a bunch of British garden gnomes sort of kind of reiterating Romeo and Juliet.  There’s a metric crap ton of huge names for the actors, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Jason Stathom, Ozzy Osborn, and a LOT more, and they are GOOD actually, I normally sort of groan when a big name star does voice acting because it’s just typically NOT them, but hearing Michael Caine do a moronic gnome, is GENIUS.

The story takes place in the UK, and this is not really relevant to anything except the fact that Mrs. Kai and myself thought it was a British made movie.  It’s not, by the way.  Some quirky humor, some slapstick, some really ROFL moments, and of course the love scenes make up the rest of the movie. The soundtrack made me giggle because it’s all high orchestrated 80s pop rock, which is awesome.

OK OK, now you are all wondering what I give this movie, right? I say a solid 8/10 for family viewing, 6.5-7/10 for solo.  It’s VERY cute, and the kids will LOVE it, if you’re just a movie buff going to see it, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done, but you will laugh, I guarantee it.

You have any questions, comments, responses? Want me to review something you liked, or add my snarky appeal to something you hated? Either post here or email me at

This is a “special edition” of OOC.  I am going to do a little rant about a movie I just saw, like what I do for the Major Spoiler podcast…

Movie: Black Swan (2010)

Starring: Natalie Portman

Let me start out by saying I was kind of tricked by Mrs. Kai into watching this, because she likes watching the musicals and the artsy movies.  Not to say that most of the time I tend to like them in the end, but it kind of takes me kicking and screaming to watch them.  I was also informed in a review that this movie was a mind-frack with a splice of sexy in it.  I was like “Natalie Portman being sexy? I’M IN !”

I was pleasantly surprised, this movie had all the good makings of a nice thriller, and it pulled it off.  Most of the time I am able to guess what is going on, but this movie, up until the last second had me going “WTF?”, in a good way.  It was pleasing to the eyes, and not just in the sexy parts.  Sometimes you have a thriller with that god awful “Blair Witch” shakey-cam crap, and it makes the movie almost unwatchable.  This did not do that! I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, it’s pretty much what “everyone” is saying about it.  It has something for every adult in your house, good visuals, good music, good pacing, good suspense, good acting, and even a Frenchman you can hate!  Now WHO can’t like that?

Verdict: GO SEE THIS.  Even though it came out in 2010, the year of Inception, Tron 2, Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim, and a bunch of other good movies, this is defiantly up there.


OOC: CES ’11

OK, so let me start by saying I’m a little biased about CES (Consumer Electronics Expo for those not in the know) this year.  I was supposed to go for my previous employer, but they laid me off back in October.  That sucks, but I read a lot of stuff, and watched a couple of streams, and this is what I have to say.

ELECTRIC CARS BABY! I’m so happy about this.  I currently do not drive, but I will try my hardest to make that my first car…

Glasses-less 3D TV: I think this is a very good thing, because I can’t use the current 3D classes, as with my eyes, they would throw me into a seizure and kill me.  I love 3D, and the 3DS’ glasses free idea definitely is leading to this goodness.  Bad side, pricey as crap, maybe in a couple of years, unless someone wants to sponsor me with one.  (Hint, I love free stuff)

Tabletgeddon! TOO MANY FRAKKING TABLETS!!! I’m sorry, I love the iPad, and the couple of Android ones are cool, but they are getting to the point where it is overkill… a dual-screen tablet? That seems clunky as hell. A “sliding computer”? It’s a giant QWERTY keyboard that can’t make calls. I saw a couple with some cameras, and that is pretty cool.  I think what some companies are not thinking through is the fact that most of the allure of the iPad, and the Galaxy Tab and that like is the apps.  You are a 3rd party company using 3rd party apps… this is not going to be getting you any brownie points.  Yes, Open source and all that is good, and I love it, but still, most of them are going to be crap, and I don’t want to spend 400$ on crap. Moar Android tablets and/or a camera on the iPad, and I’m sold.

A side-note about portable items, Razer revealed their new “mobile computer” the switchblade.  This thing is BAD ASS! Watch the video here: This thing is so smart that it’s keyboard changes to reflect what you have on-screen!! AWESOME!

Home automation is actually getting a lot more user-friendly and less expensive.  This is a very good thing for home owners who do not want to pay overpriced prices to companies who may not even know what the hell they are fully doing.

I think that should be it for right now… I can’t think of anything else really.  This year was pretty good, some good stuff was revealed, nothing ZOMG ground-breaking, but good.  If the other big expos this year are this good, this will be a good year to be “in the know”.

Stay snarky my friends.


Whether you like it or not, I’m probably going to be the same old Dragos in 2011.  If you will though, let me be a little less ranty,  and a little more personal for this one.

In 2010, it started out pretty much as normal, except I had a 4 month old.  I took Mrs. Kai out to a couple of things.  In May, we took a BIG vaca to Walt Disney World, an AMAZING experience, even if you are overseas, you should come over and see this, it’s truly magical.   I found out in February that I was going to have another child (GULP), the pregnancy was rough… very rough.  We made it through, and my son was born on September 30, which was simply amazing, I couldn’t ask for more.  I then got laid  off on that day too, which wasn’t the greatest news.  We are making it though,  and with some ideas floating around in my head, 2011 will be  a lot better!

Later all, my snarky crew!