So, lately I’ve been reading the Southern Vampire books by Charlainne Haarris, you know, the Sookie Stackhouse books, the base of True Blood on HBO, and while I am enjoying myself with them, I am needing to go on a little rant on “artistic license”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both the books and the series, and this rant is not uniquely based on this example, but this is the most prevalent because I am currently reading  and watching them.

While I understand some change between the books and flim, there comes a point when, and this is getting more and more common, where it starts to become gratuitous, with violence, sex, drama, and even “humor”.  Now I understand that they are supposed to be scripted, but when they are thrust down your throat, from just having sex scenes to just have them, to in the books having the “I laughed out loud at that comment” trying to force  the author/director’s sense of humor down your throat.  I am not a fan of this in any shape or form, which is the reason why I don’t watch political TV or any of that other kind of thing.  I like to form my own opinion about what is funny and that kind of thing.   I am just a bit angry at changing things JUST to put  boobs on the TV to have guys come in, or topless guys to draw in the females, when they are not in the books.


*sigh* I guess I just needed to get that out, oh well.