Hey all! Thought I would give a look into the new Voltron cartoon, Voltron Force, airing Thursday nights on Nicktoons network.  By far this is not a review of the entire series because

1, it’s only been out for like 3 or 4 episodes, and…

B. Because it’s my first time watching it, and unless it sucks, that’s NOT enough for anyone, even as snarky as I am, to pass that great of judgement.

Now that that is out-of-the-way, let’s get started!

It’s actually pretty solid! Now, this shocked the CRAP out of me,  because I grew up with the original, it actually helped me get into electronics, and helped forge my career, as strange as that sounds.  The first couple of minutes, prior to the opening credits, it is the standard “new age” teen crap, which is kinda like OUR teen crap, but after we got all old and crotchety.  After the OP, it actually became pretty good, with good voice acting, not too much on the “new age” stuff, and definitely enough to keep old school fans in check, including the whole old model of forming big V! You know “Form legs! Form arms and body! AND I FORM THE HEAD!” Also “Form blazing sword!” It kind of made me squee, not gonna lie.  It even builds on the mythos in a good way, adding more depth to just “Hey there is a giant guy, form big dude and slice him up!” every episode.  Though, I do think the main characters have some kind of super powers, not sure what though, that didn’t go into it.


All in all, I will watch again, and you all should too! Trust me, it’s GOOD!

Oh, and now I’m gonna go make frappuccinos in my house, because I’m awesome like that!


Stay cool my friends!

Dragos, SRG

dragoskai@gmail.com, twitter.com/dragoskai