Well HOOOOOOWDAY all.  It’s been a while and I wanted to do this movie, since it seemed like an appropriate movie to do.  Let’s wrangle this puppy, y’all.

Let’s start with, even as a comic book nerd, I actually enjoyed this one!  It was a refreshing reboot to the series, and let’s face it, it needed it.  I would be glad thinking the first 3 movies never actually “canonically” existed in the universe.   There were only a few things that I have an issue with and they were more so just /facepalm things, and not necessarily bad things in general.

First, WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE BEAST LOOK GOOD!? In X2, he was bad, and this one he looked like a reject from Cats!  I mean, come on Fox!  All in all, I will hold my breath for a Hulk movie I like before I think Beast can look good.  Next, Magneto’s helmet was WAY too big, or Michael Fassbender ‘s head is WAY too small, either or, and let’s face it, when the prop is designed for one guy’s head, it looks WAY worse on another guys.  See: Kevin Bacon in it, sorry, but he was not that great in this movie in general, and ESPECIALLY not in that helmet.  Other than that, and Mystique looked a little offputting (and I’m not talking about in her blonde form… purr…) but I think that’s just because she was supposed to be younger and “rougher around the edges” kind of thing.

All in all, I actually agree with the reviews, not only is it a great comic book movie, but it’s a great movie overall!  I recompensed it to everyone, and yes, it DOES have a couple cameos that will either make you chuckle or facepalm.

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Stay cool my friends.