Wow that was a lot of colons!

Being born 2 years after the first Tron came out, I have fond memories of sitting with my grandmother watching it from the comfort of my own home, but not really fully getting into it.  Though, I must admit, myself, and most of the people of that age of my caste, contribute most of our decisions in life to become more like Flynn, to create the Grid, to meet with Tron.  It’s what created most of the software programmers, engineers, and nerds in general that have existed over the last decade.  I must admit though, and I am going to lose some MAJOR geek cred here, I went back and watched it recently, after I heard they were going back to that amazing world, and I have to say, it doesn’t hold much stock for me anymore… it was rather, almost boring (level DOWN!) as were most of the things from that age for me, G1 Transformers (level DOWN), old school GI Joe, and all those.  I feel all giddy from them, then I realize they were really not that great, not that their reboots are any better, and most of the time even worse, but still, rose-colored nostalgia glasses all around! Let’s move on to the movie at hand, shall we?

I sat and watched Tron 2 with my little daughter, she loved the graphics, the loud noises, and the shiny colors.  I did too, I must say, though, Olivia Wilde (13 from House fame) in spandex jumping around is rather… a nice thing.  I really did not mind the movie at all, it kept my attention.  The acting was pretty good, though I could deal without old stoner/hippie Flynn, but that’s only a little issue.  I love how it was updated, it was just not the old stuff with a fresh coat of paint (Star Wars prequels) or a completely different thing (Bumblebee being a frikkin Camero), but a pleasant fusion of the two.  I LOVE Jeff Bridges as an older actor, almost, if not more than when he was younger.  He aged like wine.  Though he is rough around the edges, he has that amazing old school acting talent that very much so still holds up today.  The score was good, never really too much or too little when it shouldn’t be.  I really did not need the uber effeminate Lucian, erm… Zuse, but other than that, not bad.  So, other than those couple of quirks, it’s a pretty solid movie.  If you’re a nerd (which face it, why would you be reading my stuff if you weren’t), buy it! If you want a SFX fest, rent it first, then buy it.  If you’re just wanting a solid movie all-around, and you’re not a huge geek, I’d say rent it and see how that goes, it’s kind of a niche movie. I happen to fit into that niche nicely though.