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This is a “special edition” of OOC.  I am going to do a little rant about a movie I just saw, like what I do for the Major Spoiler podcast…

Movie: Black Swan (2010)

Starring: Natalie Portman

Let me start out by saying I was kind of tricked by Mrs. Kai into watching this, because she likes watching the musicals and the artsy movies.  Not to say that most of the time I tend to like them in the end, but it kind of takes me kicking and screaming to watch them.  I was also informed in a review that this movie was a mind-frack with a splice of sexy in it.  I was like “Natalie Portman being sexy? I’M IN !”

I was pleasantly surprised, this movie had all the good makings of a nice thriller, and it pulled it off.  Most of the time I am able to guess what is going on, but this movie, up until the last second had me going “WTF?”, in a good way.  It was pleasing to the eyes, and not just in the sexy parts.  Sometimes you have a thriller with that god awful “Blair Witch” shakey-cam crap, and it makes the movie almost unwatchable.  This did not do that! I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, it’s pretty much what “everyone” is saying about it.  It has something for every adult in your house, good visuals, good music, good pacing, good suspense, good acting, and even a Frenchman you can hate!  Now WHO can’t like that?

Verdict: GO SEE THIS.  Even though it came out in 2010, the year of Inception, Tron 2, Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim, and a bunch of other good movies, this is defiantly up there.



OOC: CES ’11

OK, so let me start by saying I’m a little biased about CES (Consumer Electronics Expo for those not in the know) this year.  I was supposed to go for my previous employer, but they laid me off back in October.  That sucks, but I read a lot of stuff, and watched a couple of streams, and this is what I have to say.

ELECTRIC CARS BABY! I’m so happy about this.  I currently do not drive, but I will try my hardest to make that my first car…

Glasses-less 3D TV: I think this is a very good thing, because I can’t use the current 3D classes, as with my eyes, they would throw me into a seizure and kill me.  I love 3D, and the 3DS’ glasses free idea definitely is leading to this goodness.  Bad side, pricey as crap, maybe in a couple of years, unless someone wants to sponsor me with one.  (Hint, I love free stuff)

Tabletgeddon! TOO MANY FRAKKING TABLETS!!! I’m sorry, I love the iPad, and the couple of Android ones are cool, but they are getting to the point where it is overkill… a dual-screen tablet? That seems clunky as hell. A “sliding computer”? It’s a giant QWERTY keyboard that can’t make calls. I saw a couple with some cameras, and that is pretty cool.  I think what some companies are not thinking through is the fact that most of the allure of the iPad, and the Galaxy Tab and that like is the apps.  You are a 3rd party company using 3rd party apps… this is not going to be getting you any brownie points.  Yes, Open source and all that is good, and I love it, but still, most of them are going to be crap, and I don’t want to spend 400$ on crap. Moar Android tablets and/or a camera on the iPad, and I’m sold.

A side-note about portable items, Razer revealed their new “mobile computer” the switchblade.  This thing is BAD ASS! Watch the video here: This thing is so smart that it’s keyboard changes to reflect what you have on-screen!! AWESOME!

Home automation is actually getting a lot more user-friendly and less expensive.  This is a very good thing for home owners who do not want to pay overpriced prices to companies who may not even know what the hell they are fully doing.

I think that should be it for right now… I can’t think of anything else really.  This year was pretty good, some good stuff was revealed, nothing ZOMG ground-breaking, but good.  If the other big expos this year are this good, this will be a good year to be “in the know”.

Stay snarky my friends.