Whether you like it or not, I’m probably going to be the same old Dragos in 2011.  If you will though, let me be a little less ranty,  and a little more personal for this one.

In 2010, it started out pretty much as normal, except I had a 4 month old.  I took Mrs. Kai out to a couple of things.  In May, we took a BIG vaca to Walt Disney World, an AMAZING experience, even if you are overseas, you should come over and see this, it’s truly magical.   I found out in February that I was going to have another child (GULP), the pregnancy was rough… very rough.  We made it through, and my son was born on September 30, which was simply amazing, I couldn’t ask for more.  I then got laid  off on that day too, which wasn’t the greatest news.  We are making it though,  and with some ideas floating around in my head, 2011 will be  a lot better!

Later all, my snarky crew!